Cake balls are delicious bite-sized pieces of cake that are blended with icing, shaped to form a cake ball, and then dipped in a rich and creamy chocolate coating. Cake Balls Flavors include: birthday cake, brownie, chocolate buzz, chocolate toffee, german chocolate, red velvet, sea salt caramel, strawberry, wedding cake, irish cream, carrot cake, margarita lime, lemon, Jack Daniel's(R) pecan pie, salted peanut butter, pina colada, s'mores, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, gingerbread, peppermint Cake balls are amazing for weddings, desserts, recipes, holidays, birthdays, special occasions, and for decorating in many popular flavors by The Original Cake Ball Company of Dallas, Texas. Our delicious cake balls (original recipes) are made at our production facility in Dallas, Texas. Each cake ball is lovingly made by hand over a 2-day process of dipping, decorating, and covered in chocolate. Our cake balls are about 1.25-inches round, approximately the size of a golf ball. We have found this to be the perfect size to balance the ratio of cake to icing to chocolate coating. When serving at a party, we say that about 2 per person are sufficient. We spend so much time making our cake balls pleasing to the eyes (and taste buds), we had no choice but to create worthy packaging. Every cake ball order is lovingly placed into our signature chocolate brown, custom gift box. Then it's tied with a matching satin ribbon and gift tag. This premium packaging is just one of the ways we proudly take care of our cake balls---and our customers. a lesson in love and sugar Every fabulous food must start somewhere. And we humbly admit that the cake ball craze began in our kitchens. In fact, we were creating our one-of-a-kind treats back when people saw a cake ball and asked, "What's that?" Our production facility is located at 10230 E. Northwest Highway on the Southeast corner of Northwest Highway and Easton.
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how cake balls snowballed

Holidays and special occasions work a little differently in Southeast Texas. At least they did in Robin Ankeny's family, where pies, cakes, and cookies were never the go-to dessert. Instead, it was her mother's scrumptious cake balls.

Robin inherited the family cake ball recipe and brought it with her to Dallas, where she began making these unique desserts for her family and friends.

Gifts turned into favors. Favors turned into requests. Requests then turned into orders. All the while, she experimented with new flavors, which led to even more orders. Robin had to go pro to keep up with the demand!

Once out-of-town orders started coming in, Charlotte Lyon joined the operation. In 2006, they officially became the Cake Ball Company, putting cake balls on the map (and then shipping their treats all over it).

A handful of years later, these two ladies are still enjoying every minute at The Cake Ball Company. Their colorful creations have been featured in several publications and also grace the luxurious pages of the Neiman Marcus catalog.

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